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Fuel Cell

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Corp.


  • Clean energy has become a critical concern in Europe. Legislation and capital providers are demanding action.
  • The demand for zero emission technology is outpacing supply as current technology is inadequate to meet market needs.
  • Wind and solar technology are not sufficient to fill the required objectives in volume and emissions.
  • Current energy storage technology costs are prohibitive and hydrogen adoption is low.
  • Demand for clean energy has spread outside Europe and has become a growing global trend.
What We Do
The most competitive and efficient fuel cell solution

Alkaline Fuel
Cell Advantage

Our Technology

Competitive Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Alkaline Fuel Cell technology originates from research and development work done at the Nuclear Research Institute in Belgium at the beginning of the 1970s.

  • Like-for-like cost leadership
  • Highly experienced team members
  • Expertise in alkaline fuel cells
  • Future & environment oriented
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The Solution

Micro-CHP Fuel Cell

  1. Tailored for the residential and small/medium sized power markets
  2. Hydrogen powered alkaline fuel cell technology with zero CO2 emissions
  3. Price leading fuel cell manufacturing technology allows for high volume production
  4. Designed to fill the increasing consumer demand trend for clean energy
  5. Unique and competitive component design stands out from the competition
Fuel Cell Generator

Fuel Cell Generator

  • PWWR is developing fuel cell generators for off-grid and back-up power markets, commencing with a 4kW generator, to be built off the Jupiter 1.0 without heat recovery.
  • The fuel cells are expected to be integrated into larger configurations of 4 kW fuel cell stacks, which range in generator size from 4kW up to ~100kW.
What We Do