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Global energy transition to a carbon neutral economy is leaving consumers and small business owners paying more than their fair share to flight climate change. There is no silver bullet to decarbonizing the planet, but PWWR believes that the movement to hydrogen infrastructure and assets will enable the transition to affordable, renewable and reliable power to the people. Providing customers with a significant differentiator to soaring energy costs is the foundation of our success for investors.

Ultimate Solution

Micro-CHP Fuel Cell

Alkaline Fuel Cell. The most competitive and efficient fuel cell solution.

  • Tailored for the residential and small/medium sized power markets
  • Hydrogen powered alkaline fuel cell technology with zero CO2 emissions
  • Price leading fuel cell manufacturing technology allows for high volume production
  • Designed to fill the increasing consumer demand trend for clean energy
  • Unique and competitive component design stands out from the competition
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Fuel Cell Generator
Off-Grid Cleantech

Fuel Cell Generator

Immediate revenue opportunities within the off-grid and back-up generator markets.

  • AFCP is developing fuel cell generators for off-grid and back-up power markets, commencing with a 4kW generator, followed by a 10kW generator.
  • The fuel cells are expected to be integrated into larger configurations of 10 kW fuel cell stacks, which range in generator size from 10kW up to 100kW.
  • The Company is developing two prototype units for each configuration (4kW genset and 10kW genset), which are expected to be built by 2024 and 2025, respectively.
  • All prototypes will have a complete CE-certification already, which will allow the Company to enter the market rapidly after the successful pilot implementation.
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Solution at Hand

PWWR Flow Streams

PWWR CHP Division is active with revenue generating contracts and a pipeline of proposals.

  • CHP systems for multi-residential and commercial applications
  • Cost efficient at producing electricity and heating/cooling
  • Reduced air emissions compared to alternatives
  • Maintain connection to the grid for peak time use
  • Provides backup power supply during power outages
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The next steps


ACQUIRE AI RENEWABLE'S CHP BUSINESS High efficiency CHP with internal combustion (IC) engine using natural gas (NG) as fuel

Immediate revenue
Immediate asset
Immediate customers under long-term PPA


FIRST CE-CERTIFIED MICRO-CHP PROTOTPES COMPLETE Complete the first full 2 x 4 kW Micro CHP systems


FIRST CE-CERTIFIED 4 KW FUEL CELL GENERATOR PROTOTYPES COMPLETE Complete the first full 2 x 4 kW Fuel Cell Generator systems


FIRST CE-CERTIFIED 10 KW FUEL CELL GENERATOR PROTOTYPES COMPLETE Complete the first full 2 x 10 kW Fuel Cell Generator systems


EQUIPMENT SWITCHING FROM IC ENGINE TO AFCP’S MICRO-CHP H2 fuel cell technology using H2 as input

Sustainable revenue
Expanded assets
Broader customer base in residential, industrial and commercial markets worldwide